MAY DAY 2020 – The Quarantine Edition

MAY DAY 2020 – The Quarantine Edition

Happy May Day, Morris friends! We’re so sorry that we can’t gather at Gasworks Park this year for our annual May Day celebration. We will miss seeing all of your smiling faces, beautiful flowers, and fabulous May Day attire.

We at Sound and Fury Morris are committed to ensuring that the sun rises properly, as we have done every year for the past 21!

We will be dancing the sun up at 5:50 AM (PST) tomorrow from our top secret quarantine locations and broadcasting our dance live on our Facebook page! Please visit again on Friday morning to join us in dancing up the sun.

We will also be posting some videos on Friday at 5:45am on our YouTube channel.

We wish you a joyous summer and look forward to seeing you at dawn next May Day!

Sound & Fury Morris & Sword have been dancing around Seattle and the rest of the west coast of North America since the waning days of last century (1999 to be specific). These are dance traditions dating back, well, a long time, from various regions of England. Sound & Fury is proud to bring them to you, residents of the Pacific Northwest!

Traditionally, Morris Dance is a community-based activity. It is not a stage-oriented performance (though we don’t usually turn down a stage when offered!). Morris is a street performance tradition, with dancers showing up, often outside a pub, to perform close to their audience. When the performance is over, the dancers will retire to the pub, where their grateful, adoring audience treats them to the finest ales and ciders on tap!